This is a webpage showing the basic classes of Smite, a game by Hi-Rez Studios. Smite is an over-the-shoulder MOBA, also known as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, type game where various dieties and mythological figures are put into different arenas to fight. A MOBA type game is a game where two teams of players face eachother in real-time combat using dieties and other mythological figures, alternately refered to as immortals. This gamestyle requires at least a touch of strategy and team tactics to ensure victory over the opponents, as five people in a coordinated attack will almost always defeat five people who are off on their own. The five basic classes of Smite are the Hunters, the Assassins, the Mages, the Warriors, and the Guardians. There are also five classes in Smite for the Conquest gamemode, these classes are ADC, or Attack Damage Carry, Support, Jungle, Mid Lane, and Solo Lane.