Alongside the world we all know lies an entirely different plane of existence, home to creatures the human mind cannot begin to fathom. These two worlds are separated by a barrier, preventing humans from learning of what lies on the other side. However, what happens when one does discover this dark and perilous world? That's exactly what Kiera Cartial experiences when she unexpectedly finds herself the target of the High Council of Miros, a legion of creatures that governs this other world. By discovering her friend Kyan's true form, Kiera is forced to throw away all she's ever known and embrace a new life full of conflict, death, and war. Her only hope of survival is a group of people who have vowed to protect her, even if they are sacrificed in the process. Will Kiera destroy the barrier keeping these two worlds separate? Will the Council find and annihilate her before then? No one can be certain.