The Crystal Gems

Steven Universe: Rose Quatrz, the former leader of the Crystal Gems,fell in love with a human, Steven's father Greg Universe. She gave up her physical form to birth Steven, who inherited her gemstone in order to exist.(Gems cannot coexist with their children because the gem generates their physical forms. This was discovered for the first time with Steven.) While Steven is the embodiment of his parents with his compassion and ability to relate to people in any situation,he is still his own unique person and significant member of the Crystal Gems. Steven's weapon is Rose's Shield, which he now posesses as his own. This is symbolic and serves to reflect who he is as well as protect his team whose abilities/weapons do not serve to protect others in a manner like Steven's. Steven matures to be strong and wise in conflicts throughout the series, but maintains his love of puns, scenic views, and underground wrestling clubs.

Garnet: Garnet is a fusion between Sapphire and Ruby. She by existing as an entity together over two entities separate represents love. Garnet is strong, has sick rhyme skills, and is the current leader of the Crystal Gems. Garnet has become one gem despite the confusion and descrimination being a fusion brings. Like the other members of the Crystal Gems, she was enspired by Rose, and desired to be a good leader and understand the universe, not destroy what they don't understand. Coming to Earth to learn and seeing the love and sacrifice that occurred between Rose and Greg were insight to Garnet,and further evidence to accept her own love between Sapphire/Ruby, aka herself. She still struggles occasionally to make decisions/take actions that reflect the kind of leader she wants to be, but has her priorities in sight at all times. Her friends and the people of Beach City, (where the Gems are located,)realize that. Garnet is a good leader and trustworthy, reliable friend.

Pearl: Pearl is the sophisticated, member of the Crystal Gems. She consistently analyzes every siutation the group runs into and tries her best to understand. Although early in the season Pearl is lost on human beings of Earth, their customs, purpose, and weakness (in comparison to other beings in the galaxy) she comes to relate and soon possess human characteristics with sincerity. She cares for humans of Earth more of compassion than as subject matter. More often that not, she tries to do what is right and keep things under control,but is seen as being the controlling buzzkill. This hurts her, but she is afraid to relax because of what threatens the Gems and Beach City. Without Rose to lead them as well, her anxieties sometimes make her unruly in her effort to keep things perfect. Although, as more victories are achieved through the series, Pearl relaxes more and is more capable of having fun and enjoying life. She is incredibly smart, passionate, and resourceful. There's always another way. She continues to have faith and perservere.

Amythyst: Amythyst is the fun-loving, wild child of the Crystal Gems. She relaxes better than anyone and puts brawl before brains. Her battle strategy is ruthless, but underneath she is soft and has been through enough to make the outside hard. When first meeting her in the Crystal Gems series she is understood to be fun and silly, but can also be an arrogant bully;it's something that doesn't rub well with any of the other gems and can at times force her to be a loner. The more struggles the team goes through, the more all of them benefit For Amythyst, these struggles alongside her past, are liable to be a turning point to her self destruction or self healing. She follows the positive path, and she and the team benefit in the long run. Amythyst stays true to her wild-side brawling self in the relaxed times, but has grown to a new point of responsibility and self accountability. She is a good friend to go for comfort and laughs at the end of the day.