Natali and Alex

A Quick Note To Visitors

Hello! If you're visiting this site, I'm 90% sure it was on accident because the site is only on the school page; so you're digging for info on us or this was a whoopsie! Anywho, this is a website I made for Sr.Verde's Web Design Class about my relationship with Alex Hall, whom I love very much. I hope you enjoy it and think it's cute and I hope we don't break up after this because that would be sad. The good thing is, I don't think we will :)

How Alex and Natali Came To Be

I'm going to speak here like I would speak to any friend normally. For starters, we didn't meet under typical conditions. It wasn't "The Notebook", but it wasn't love-at-first-site-in-a-mall either. It was ours. We met through a mutual love of drums. Alex was 18 at the time, I was 15, and already we were predicted to fail because of that information alone. He was a teacher at at my band camp and I was a student, a big no no to say the least xD I played drums and he taught drums. We ended up being close to each other pretty consistently for that reason and others. After a few weeks of being friends and awkward flirting misunderstood by each of us to be the other being friendly, I made my move and told him how I felt. It sounds blushy,and/or cringey, but I really believed he was out of my league. I couldn't believe he felt the same the entire time. Thank goodness <3

We went on our first date August 22nd,2015, and it was enough for him to ask me to be his girlfriend that day. It sounds foolish, and we admit to that. But a year and a half later it's ours and that's all that matters. We're happy:)