Party slam metal band from Scotland!

Their themes are abstract, often with a silly, lighthearted presence, with more serious overtones. With song titles called "Duct-Taped to a Flag Pole," and "Jack vs. the Exotic Crustacean," and the "Toys R Us" font, you would probably assume they are just a joke band. But you're WRONG!

Guess the song title:

It's "Tyrone, You Put That Sugar Down."


These walls won't hold them

Fingernails carved this inscription

When will they understand these ideas are lost to us?

Blanked slate, there's only so much our minds can take

Coming face to face

They must realize they are incomplete in structure

Rendered useless,

it forces forward; a consciousness entirely ungraspable

Foreign, incomplete race

Typology is lacking complexity

Sticky fingers rake the mind, searches for the binding key

Escape to the skies, off the dusty road

Swarming facade, a menacing pyramid

Barriers collapsed, shifting sands

Vast manoveuring, a dislocated actuality

Deception Reflected in one

Hysteria Claims its thorny throne

Aftermath Pierced as whole

Architects Built its seamless eminence

Omnipotence of logic

Life has been moved against the interests of the living

Pastel smokes drifting in the haze

Our endemic is rife, Grinding a toothy man

Spreads a ring of salt Folly ignorance

Matters are spliced Noting anatomical flaw

Not to be released Stuck to the man

Relapsed back to beast Singing a song of unscripted fate

Noise inside the head; sniffing the colours they make

Deciphering patterns inside the shapes

Numbers behind my eyes

Carnals to the taste

Sensations in the spine Back to black

Ensnared inside a mind of limitless mistakes

Consuming in anger Without unsurpassable amounts


Coming forth Unmistakable hands

Develops to form Oligarchical nothingness

Cerebral core

Calculating eyes

Algorithmic mind

Undeniable absolutes