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The Matrix is an action, science fiction, suspense, and mystery movie written and directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski. The movie follows Thomas Anderson A.K.A Neo played by Keanu Reeves who is haunted by the question "What is the matrix?" After meeting a mysterious man named Morpheus played by Laurence Fishburne he is offered a choice by a red or blue pill to either stay in the matrix or become unplugged and be free in the real world. After making the decision to be free he takes the red pill and wakes up in a field of pods where humans are grown to provide energy to sentient machines that now inhabit the earth. After he is loaded with many martial arts disciplines he is able to reenter the matrix with Morpheus and the rest of the rebellion to battle the machines and free minds though the virtual reality they created. The movie won four academy awards for editing, sound mixing, and editing, and visual effects. The film had a major effect on the way action films were shot and choreographed including the introduction of the popular effect bullet time. The Matrix franchise has gone on to create two sequels, three games, and an animated movie with seven stories. Use the menu bar at the top of the page to navigate through the rest of the site to learn more about the rest of the Matrix films.

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