Inferi is a technical metal band from Nashville, Tennessee. Their stylistic influences include Black Metal, Power Metal, and Progressive Metal.

Their lyrical themes are mainly about epic battles, dark fantasy stories, and medieval times.

All of their albums have seen overwhelmingly positive reviews and are often known as exceptional works of instrumental musicianship.


Divinity in War

Divinity in War is the 1st album released by Inferi. Although it had low production, it is well made in its instrumental and vocal parts:

The guitars are well rounded and melodic, with harmonized riffs and solos. It has a unique charm that will attract many metal fans. This is by far the most expressed element to this album, next to the vocals. They take influence from Classical music in that it has a structured sound, a story-like instrumentals normally alluding to epic battles and medieval stories about war, or in Classical terms, Sturm und Drang, meaning "Storm and Struggle" in German. The guitars also have incredible solos with incredible harmony and melody, containing elements from Black Metal, Power Metal, and Death Metal.

The bass isn't always as pronounced as the guitar, although, when expressed, it provides a nice "boost" to the sound as a whole, providing a beefy tone and sometimes even a solo to provide to the ambience of the album.

The drums are your stereotypical metal drums, usually just pounding away at the bass drum, but they manage to write very complicated parts to accompany the guitar, bass, and vocals!

As a whole, this album was a resounding success despite its shortcomings. Its sound is extremely solid despite its low production. Inferi manage to make it sound better by creatively writing parts that make its black metal influences stick out from its melodic songwriting. If you're a fan of any genre of metal, I recommend you check this band out!


The End of an Era

The End of an Era is Inferi's sophomoric release, and it showcases more power metal influences as well as it's melodic harmony in its guitar. its bass provides a nice "kick" to the drums as well as a nice low to the guitars. The mix is obviously very well composed like its predecessor, and the versatility of its musicianship from a dark, eerie black metal tone, to a melodious power metal epic, showcases the skill of the band, as individuals, and as a unit. The vocals are much like its predecessor, with its own unique tone and ambience, and it blends in very well in its mix and tone.


The Path of Apotheosis

The Path of Apotheosis is Inferi's most recent album, and much like its previous masterpieces, it showcases masterful mix and musicianship, while retaining its classic replay value and entertainment. With a runtime of over an HOUR of epic musical mastery, this album is EXTREMELY long, with a wide variety of influences that exceed its previous albums with growth in musical and stylistic maturity, using as many influences as possible, ranging from Black Metal, to Melodic Power Metal and Thrash Metal shredding.