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SMHS Web Design Class

Student Web Site Projects

Fall 2016 Web Design Class
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Stone Memorial is proud to offer a real-world Web Development Course to our students. We use professional web development software, including professional image and video editing tools. Our students hand-code their initial templates and then import their code into the software so they can learn to utilize real-world web development tools. Students are able to develop and publish simple web sites after one semester and can develop professional sites after a full year in the course. Since we use a dedicated, in-house web server, professional development tools, and make real websites that we publish and host on our own server, our students learn the skills necessary to be immediately employed in a web development environment.

If you are a local community member and you have a small web project you would like created for you please contact us. We are willing to develop your small, simple website for you free of charge. Free website limitations: We will not host your private commercial site for you so you must pay a commercial provider for that service, which typically costs about $10 a month, or less. We will not be able to maintain your site for you once it is published. So this works best for small sites that will not require updates. Perhaps a site showing images of your business with hours, services, and contact information. We can do this for you free of charge but we limit this offer to Cumberland County residents/businesses only. We develop free sites on a first come basis. If we have no available students or time we will ask you to contact us the following semester.

Spring 2017 Project 3 Web Design Second Term Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
Led Zeppelin Fan Page Noah Franklin Spring,2017
The Bee Movie Natali Alegria, Noah Norrod, Ryan Parkin Spring,2017
A Series of Unfortunate Laws Sam Sylvester and Bailey Keyes Spring,2017


Spring 2017 Project 2 Web Design Second Term Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
American Sign Language Bailey Keyes Spring,2017
Marines Noah Franklin Spring,2017
Why Students Are So Tired Ryan Parkin Spring,2017
Steven Universe Natali Alegria Spring,2017


Spring 2017 Web Design Second Term Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
Green Works Bailey Keyes Spring,2017
Chevy Trucks Noah Franklin Spring,2017
Sloths or whatever Ryan Parkin Spring,2017
Natali and Alex Natali Alegria Spring,2017


Fall 2016 Web Design First Term Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
Photography Kara Adams Fall, 2016
Wing Nation Kendall Cook Fall, 2016
World of Warcraft Devin Diehl Fall, 2016
Virtual Reality Hunter Kief & Emalee St. Marie Fall, 2016
Grindcore Trenton Martin Fall, 2016


Fall 2016 Web Design First Term Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
Mermaids Kara Adams Fall, 2016
Pokemon GO Kendall Cook Fall, 2016
Canvas Grey Noah Norrod Fall, 2016
Dragon Ball Z Dalton Phillips Fall, 2016
The Unicorn of the Sea Devin Diehl Fall, 2016
Coffee Hunter Kief Fall, 2016
Interesting Bands Trenton Martin Fall, 2016
Weird Words Emalee St. Marie Fall, 2016


Spring 2016 Web Design Second Term Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
Furry Info Andrew Banfield Spring, 2016
Chloe & Kyla Photography Kyla & Chloe Spring, 2016
The Ratchet Fox Tyler & Thomas Spring, 2016
Akame Ga Kill Dalton & Sam Spring, 2016
Monster Squad Blaine & Kendal Spring, 2016
Total Techie Devin Taylor Spring, 2016


Spring 2016 Web Design First Term Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
The Walking Dead Kendall Cook Spring, 2016
The Legend of Zelda Kyla Johnson Spring, 2016
ChloverFineArts Chloe Melton Spring, 2016
Super Nerd Reviews Tyler Myers Spring, 2016
Fallout 4 Blaine Pennington Spring, 2016
Kenpo Dalton Phillips Spring, 2016
Toilets Thomas Roach-Waters Spring, 2016
Smite Fanpage Samuel Slyvester Spring, 2016
Red Hot Chili Peppers Devin Taylor Spring, 2016


Fall 2015 Web Design 6 Week Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
The White Stripes Andrew Banfield Fall, 2015
The Greats of Tennis James Tewell Fall, 2015
Kayla Worley: Artist Portfolio Kayla Worley and Makensie Davis Fall, 2015
Jetpack Joyride Casey Newberry Fall,2015
The Empire Elias Brady Fall,2015
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Averi Amacker Fall, 2015
Inferi/Rings of Saturn Fanpage Trenton Martin Fall, 2015
Cheesy Jokes Bradley Davenport Fall,2015
Undertail Taylor Smith Fall,2015
Cancun Mexican Restaurants Kassandra Ayala Fall,2015
Spruce up your Wheelchair Kailey Bilbrey Fall,2015
Nutella Dale Tippy Fall,2015


Fall 2015 Web Design Group Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
The Appeal of EDM Averi Amacker Fall, 2015
Shingeki No Kyojin Kassandra Ayala Fall, 2015
Hide and Seek Andrew Banfield Fall, 2015
Beautiful World Kailey Bilbrey Fall, 2015
MoonPies; The American Classic Elias Brady Fall, 2015
Destiny fan Page Bradley Davenport Fall, 2015
Bonobos Mackensie Davis Fall, 2015
Metal Fan Page Trenton Martin Fall, 2015
Bungie Games Bryce Meade Fall, 2015
Casey's Page Casey Newberry Fall, 2015
Silkie Chickens Taylor Smith Fall, 2015
Fungus and Mushrooms James Tewell Fall, 2015
SMHS Color Guard Kayla Worley Fall, 2015

Spring 2015 Web Design Group Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
Powerpuff Girls Alexis, Aaron, and Sierra Spring 2015
View Parasyte Andrew and Kyle Spring 2015
Shia LaBeouf Text Adventure Ashlin and Chris Spring 2015
Iron Man Elias and Isaac Spring 2015
Cryptids Meg and Jason Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Web Design Projects

Site Topic
Site Author
Semester Created
Borderlands Aaron Davis Spring 2015
League of Draven Andrew Banfield Spring 2015
Bioshock Nolan Long Spring 2015
Learn Anything Elias Brady Spring 2015
Spider-Man Lane Smith Spring 2015
Rise Against Sierra Ray Spring 2015
Roy Khan Alexis Monday Spring 2015
Metallica Jason Lambert Spring 2015
Quake Live Kyle Quince Spring 2015
Keith Haring Meg Lawrence Spring 2015
DCI Ashlin Selby Spring 2015
The Living Dead of Gaming Michael Childers Spring 2015


Fall 2014 Senior Projects

Site Topic
Site Authors
Semester Created
Reel Book Josh, Averi, and Grant Fall, 2014
Console Wars Drake, Drew and Blaine Fall, 2014
American Nerd Project Chris, Ely, and Zack Fall, 2014
Marvel and DC Sierra, Alexis, and Austin Fall, 2014
The Sims Mackensie Davis and Meg Lawrence Fall, 2014


Site Topic
Site Authors
Semester Created
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Grant Brown Fall, 2014
Intro to Minecraft Drew Smith Fall, 2014
Why Cats are Awesome Averi Amacker Fall, 2014
Green Day Sierra Ray Fall, 2014
Puzzle Games Josh Spencer Fall, 2014
Seether Alexis Monday Fall, 2014
Making Websites Makes Me Sad Chris Hall Fall, 2014
Not Even Funny Zack Williams Fall, 2014
Kensie's Bakeria Mackensie Davis Fall, 2014
Linguistics Meg Lawrence Fall, 2014
Watch Dogs Blaine Pennington Fall, 2014
Destiny Drake Gentry Fall, 2014
Nirvana Ely Wortham Fall, 2014
Daphne Dickens Spring, 2014
lacross elijah nash Spring, 2014
Ylvis Alexis Monday Spring, 2014
Skillet Blaine Pennington Spring, 2014
Culinary Sierra Ray Spring, 2014
Dissapointed but not supprised Chris Hall Spring, 2014
GTA V Drake Gentry Spring, 2014
Aviation Thomas Brady Spring, 2014
Project Genesis Richard Grant Brown Spring, 2014
Machine Gun Kelly Jordan Lautner-Moore Spring, 2014
Epilepsy Ely Wortham Spring, 2014
The Koala Virtuoso Zack Williams Spring, 2014
The Family Fluid Grid Alyssa Lloyd Fall, 2013
United Gamers Fluid Grid Sam DeRosset Fall, 2013
Predators Fluid Grid Meg Lawrence Fall, 2013
Scott Pilgrim Dominic Wade Fall, 2013
Bacon Fluid Thomas Brady Fall, 2013
Dark Souls Michael Childers Fall, 2013
Fluid_Grid Josh Spencer Fall, 2013
Kid Cudi Dominic Wade Fall, 2013
How To Be A Hipster Cameron Shepherd Fall, 2013
Aliens Meg Lawrence Fall, 2013
Bacon Thomas Brady Fall, 2013
The Axis: A Convergence of Powers Josh Spencer Fall, 2013
Halo Chronicles Michael Childers Fall, 2013
The Family Alyssa Lloyd Fall, 2013
Chris Zichko Spring, 2013
A Fan Site
Russell Hunter Spring, 2013
Pretty Lights
A Fan Site
Kevin Schieffer Spring, 2013
Mobile Test Andrew Baler & Jesse Howard Spring, 2013
HTML5 Test Steven Eddington & Liam Nelson Spring, 2013
Jake Dailey Jake Dailey Spring, 2013
Led Zeppelin
A Fan Site

Josh Kimbrell

Fall, 2012
League of Legends
A Fan Site
Steven Eddington Fall, 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
A Fan Site

Andrew Baker

Fall, 2012
The Large Hadron Collider
Informational Website

Cameron Shepherd

Fall, 2012
Legend of Zelda Hand Book
Informational Website
Georgie White Fall, 2012
Final Fantasy X
Fan Site
Trenton Campbell Fall, 2012
A Fan Site
Nicklas Redheffer Fall, 2012
Jack White
A Fan Site
Adam Moilanen Fall, 2012
A Fan site
Liam Nelson Fall, 2012
A fan site
Jesse Howard Fall, 2012
A fan site
Nathan Mullins Spring, 2012
Nine Inch Nails
A Fan Site
Alex Rutledge Spring, 2012
The Hives
A Fan Site
Andrew Moilanen Spring, 2012
Mitchell Designs Portfolio
A portfolio site
James Mitchell Spring, 2012
Stone Memorial Soccer Team
A sports site
Alvaro Garcia Spring, 2012
The Matrix
A fan site
Liam Nelson Spring, 2012
Battlefield 2
A fan site
Jesse Howard Spring, 2012
Survival Hunter
Steven Eddington Spring, 2012
Mass Effect
A fan site
Logan Johnson Spring, 2012
The Beatles
A fan site
Cory Kilby Spring, 2012
Soul Calibur V
A fan site

Denny Cope Spring, 2012
A fan site

Jared French Fall, 2011
Home Gaming
A fan site

Georgie White Fall, 2011
Breaking the Barrier
A fan site

Sydney Marn Fall, 2011
Ultimate Marvel v. Capcom 3
A fan site

Denny Cope Fall, 2011
LCD Soundsystem
A fan site

Andrew Moilanen Fall, 2011
A fan site

Nathan Mullins Fall, 2011
The Tennessee Titans
A fan site

Cory Kilby Fall, 2011
A fan site

Michael Smith Spring, 2011
The Gazette
A fan site

Loleata Pippin Spring, 2011
A fan site

Andrew Moilanen Spring, 2011
Tae Kwon Do
A fan site

Dakota Blackmon Spring, 2011
A fan site

Loleata Pippin Spring, 2011
The Beatles
A fan site

Cory Kilby Spring, 2011
Shaffer Quarries Derek Keeter