About the Game

This game is classified as a free to play, real time strategy, Player versus Player, arena style game. It is 5 against 5 or 3 against 3. There is a total of 107 Characters or "Champions" to play as. A small wave of NPC's are sent periodically, called minions or "creeps", that give you gold you can spend on items once you kill them. Each wave contains at least 6 minions. On every third wave it sends a tank minion as a 7th minion, which grants you extra gold. These minions gain strength every 3 minutes up to a cap.

Champion Abilities

Each Champion has 4 skills positioned at the Q, W, E, and R keys with extra spells known as "Summoner Spells" on the D and F keys. All of these keys can be repositioned to any key of your liking. The R spell for each champion is known as the "ultimate" for its champion. In most cases it does significant damage or has a significant crowd control capability.

Champion Roles

Each Champion has a few roles that they can be played as.

Jungle Champions

Jungle Champions go around in the "Jungle" of his team's and kills the montsters in between the 3 lanes. Jungle Champions excel at ganking enemy Champions in their respective lane.

Mid-Lane Champions

Mid-Lane Champions are usually spell damage users, whose items require a lot of gold from the minions. Mid-Lane is a solo lane, which calls for high gold and experience gain.

Attack Damage Champions

Attack damage Champions are the Champions that are supposed to get all of the kills for the team. They are usually very powerfully in all aspects of the game, whether it be damage, utility, or transitioning from early to mid or even to late game exceptionally well.

Tank Champions

Tank Champions usually solo the top lane. As their name may suggest, these Champions are very durable in their lane and can take a lot of punishment. Usually the tank is supposed to be the "initiator" in team fights in mid and late game situations.

Support Champions

Support Champions excel in making oppurtunities for their laning partner to get kills. Most of the support champions are very durable classifying them as tanks as well. Each support Champion has some sort of stun or crowd control effect, making early game kills really simple and easy for their Attack Damage Carry.