In World of Warcraft, there is 3 types of roles one can choose from depending on his class. The "Hunter" is strictly a "dps" class. D-P-S stands for "Damage per Second," and we are currently the second highest as of patch 4.3.

The hunter has quite a few resources at his or her disposal. Your abilities grant and deplete your focus, which allows you to use your skills if you have the required amount per shot.

This class, in general, is a fairly easy class to play. While playing the game you can see that there is 3 different talent trees you can go into. The 1st is Beast Mastery whose power lies souly in their pet.

The 2nd is Marksmanship whose power lies souly in the impact shots that they have.

The 3rd is Survival whose power lies in the effectiveness of your traps, DoTs (Damage Over Time), and the rotation in which I have prepared for you.

I have played all 3 specs, and enjoyed them all, but Survival has always stood out to be the best in my opinion.

The reason I made this website is because I want to help other hunters with there DPS and their rotations.