Created by Markus "Notch" Persson, and later published by Mojang, Minecraft has become a cultural sensation in just a few short years it has became one of the most played “sand-box” games in the world selling over 11 million copies across all platforms. Minecraft in its self is a pretty straight forward game, you try to survive in your randomly generated world from all of the monsters that come out at night. But after that, the simplicity of the game stops, you are sent a world with nothing you are allowed to do virtually anything you can imagine; you can build a huge castle, a nice house, or maybe even a cool theme park, that's if you can gather the materials you need.

There are two different ways to play Minecraft creative mode and survival mode. In creative mode you have access to every block in the game, can fly and do not take damage from anything, here you can build anything you can think of. In survival you are dropped into a world with absolutely nothing and you will have to gather all the materials you will need in order to create tools, weapons, armor, etc.No matter how you choose to play Minecraft it will always be a different experience no matter how often you play.

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