Welcome to Stone Memorial High School's offical Zelda Hand Book. Are you a fan of Zelda? I am too! My name is Georgie White, and did you know there are Zelda games that aren't on the Nintendo Console?How about games where Link doesn't save Zelda in Hyrule?There are even games where Hyrule doesn't even exist in! I am no blasphemous liar, I speak the truth.Fear not, You have the entire Zelda collection now at your fingertips. Discover the truth, emerse yourself in the world that Shigeru Miyamoto deciated his life to making. Enjoy.

Thanks to Gamespot, Zelda.Wikia, IGN, HBG, and all the YouTube Let's Players, Zelda Dungeons, Zelda Universe, and Google for being amazing, and their amazing information, pictures, and videos. Thanks to Mr.Green for all his support in Web Design, without him this site wouldn't be possible. I hope it stays on the web for a long time. I enjoied making it, and I hope I put enough energy to resceptfully display all of the content and wonder that is Zelda.

Now here is a picture of a Cucco


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