Somthing to take up that spare time. You dont even have to get your hands dirty. Order your parts and make sure you have a need to be productive. Make sure to have fun.


No need to worry about your pc lagging and having slow loading times. You make sure that you have quality parts capable of everything you want to throw at it.


The design is all dependant on your imagination. You can make it look as nice as you want it and make it match the style of the room you are keeping it in.


I have created this site as a basic guide on building computers. Although this only affects a small number of people enthusiastic enough to put the time into building a machine they can be proud of, its still somthing anyone can do with little to no prior experience.

Hope you like it!!!

I am only a amatuer of this subject myself, but I have disassembled and re-assembled a few PC's. I would, however, call myself a wannabe enthusiast of the topic and have done plenty of research into doin it myself!!

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