Expansion I of destiny is "The Dark Below," that launched January 9, 2015 and it is a very dark and disturbing place to visit while you fight a creature that wants to destroy you and every last guardian that stands in his way. Beneath the surface of the moon, a long-forgotten enemy stirs. Survive the true depths of the Hellmouth, and stop its dark army from invading the Earth.

You can expand your destiny adventure with the second expansion called "House of Wolves," that launched May 19, 2015 on where a greater wealth of weapons, armour, and gear to earn in new story missions, three new competitive multiplayer maps, and a new cooperative strike. Expansion II introduces a new competitive elimination mode in the crucible and an all-new arena activity - The Prison of Elders.

Expansion III, the next great adventure in the first person shooter destiny universe called "The Taken King," introduces a new story campaign and quests, new enemies to fight, new places to explore, new strikes and crucible maps, a new raid that will put players to the ultimate test, and more. To stand up to the challenge, players will have access to three new devastating guardian subclasses, and a massive arsenal of weapons, armour, and gear. A dark shadow has fallen over our worlds. Oryx, The Taken King, is hell-bent on vengeance and is raising an army of corrupted "Taken" forces by manipulating the darkness itself. You must find a way into his impenetrable dreadnaught ship to defeat The Taken king before he and his dark army consume our civilization and and bring our solar system to ruin.