This website will be dedicated to Roy Khan. Roy was born on March 12, 1970 in Elverum, Hedmark, Norway. His Birth name is Roy Saetre Khantatat, but decided to go by Roy Khan because it's easier for people to pronounce. He studied opera for three years just before joining the progressive metal band, Conception. Just a few years after joining Conception Khan left and joined Kamelot until his retirement in 2011. He sang for 20 years straight before leaving due to a severe burnout, depression, and finding religion.


Khan joined the Norwegian band, Conception, in 1991 and left in 1997. He was not the original front man. However, he is the only one to be on any album. The other guy left before they got any record deals. They produced four albums. Each being a slightly different sound than the last. The first album put out was The Last Sunset which came out in 1991, but had a reissue in 1994. Second came Parallel Minds in 1993. In Your Multitude came out in 1995 as the band's third album. Flow, coming out in 1997, was the band's last and most experimental album.


Kamelot was Roy Khan's second progressive metal band. He joined the American band after the orginal singer, Mark Vanderbuilt left. Khan put out seven studio albums, two live albums, and a live DVD with Kamelot. Khan wrote or co-wrote every Kamelot song that they put out after his first album Siege Perilous. Siege Perilous was Kamelot's third album, released in 1998. However, it was Roy's first recorded album with them. The Fourth Legacy, released in 1999, was Khan's second album to be recorded with Kamelot. Khan's third album, Karma, was released in 2001. His fourth and fifth albums were concept albums telling a story loosely based on Goethe's Faust. The fourth album was called Epica, published in 2003. The fifth album was named The Black Halo which was launched in 2005. The Black Halo was host to Kamelot's first music video. His sixth album was Ghost Opera, released in 2007. This album had four music videos to go along with it. Khan's sixth and final album was Poetry for the Poisoned, launched in 2010. It only had one music video to feature khan due to his departure.