Stone Memorial High School
Lesson Plan Templates

Teachers are not required to use these templates, however each lesson plan, for each subject, on each day, should include the following:

*Title of Lesson
*Curriculum Standards/Objectives
*Materials needed for lesson (supplies, technology, handouts, lab notebook, etc).
*Assessment(s) of lesson and learner progress.

Click the bold-typed title of the document(s) you would like and it will download to your computer.

Lesson Plan Templates
This is the official Cumberland County planning evaluation template. Planning Evaluation Template  
Template 1, Portrait (vertical) arrangement, all subjects on same page (2-3 pages for 1 week's plans). Ideal if you teach multiple subjects and like to work with columns, rows and tables. Somewhat harder to read but packs a lot of data into the space provided.
Lesson Plan 1 Thumbnail
Template 2, Portrait (vertical) arrangement, one subject. Ideal if you teach several sections of the same course. Oriented with rows instead of columns. Easy to read format.
Template 3, Portrait (vertical) arrangement. Each day of week is a separate row. One subject per page, full week (2-3 pages for a week plans). Useful if the same standard is being covered all week and you teach only one or two subject. Easy to read.
Template 4, Portrait (vertical) arrangement. Each day of the week is a separate row. Columns are arranged with two subjects per page. Useful if the same standard is being covered all week and you teach only one or two subjects. Similar to Template 1 but columns/rows are arranged differently. Similar in complexity to Template 1.
Template 5, Horizontal tables, page in portrait (vertical) orientation. Easy to read with header shading.
Template 6, Simple word document. Arranged in horizontal rows. No tables. Easy to use if you don't like working with tables.

SMHS would like to thank our Leadership Committee for submitting proposals for lesson plan formats and offering these templates for anyone to use.