Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation


Stone Memorial High School

SMHS had our initial review for SACS accreditation during Spring 2009. Below are commendations and recommendations based on our review.


There was a strong sense of belonging and community within the school stakeholders.

High standards of excellence for teaching and learning were set for all students, which created a culture of learning.

Working toward building of understanding and commitment of stakeholders to the school's vision, mission, and beliefs.

Implementing a strategic plan that enables them to focus on providing quality instruction and pursuing improvement.

Passion for school success appears to be felt by all stakeholders.

The rigor, relevance, and relationships developed by administration and staff.

Stone Memorial High School has a very talented, focused, and professional staff and administrators that is focused on students and student learning.

There was strong evidence of trust, respect, and collaboration with students, teachers, and parents that was observed and expressed verbally.

Highly respected administrative staff that models expected behaviors.

Evidence for Commendations:

Commitment and involvement by the community, parents, teachers, administrators, and businesses within the community was tremendous.

Interviews and observations of quality of work and means by which work was being carried out demonstrated high standards of excellence and expectations for both students and teachers.

Communication of high expectations for all students not only to learn, but to achieve and succeed was observed and expressed by staff, administration, and students.

All stakeholders expressed through verbal responses and examples, a strong commitment to their school's vision and mission that reflected a consensus of caring and dedication for all students.

Rationale for Commendations:

Interviews with stakeholders found them at a loss for trying to think of weaknesses or ways to improve the Stone Memorial High School.

It is extremely hard to fake the type of commitment and dedication described by parents, students, and teachers that was observed throughout the interviews, school tour, and classroom observations.


Review accountability measures and data to ensure each teacher has access to dada analysis.

Identify new and sustainable funding sources. (Grants, etc)

Challenges and Limitations:


Fledgling school (third year of operation)